For Customers

Are there any costs for me to join as a customer and start collecting points?
No - It is completely free to join as a customer.
Can I spend my points anywhere?
No - Each business offers points that can be collected and redeemed back in their store.
What's is different about a community loyalty app?
Well you don't have to carry around a wallet full of loyalty cards. But better than that is that you phone doesn't even need to install a bucket load of loyalty apps either.

One app that can be used at every participating business.

For Business Owners

What does it cost to become a merchant and start offering loyalty rewards to my customers?
$299 per year - There are no other costs (except the points that you wish to offer your customers)
Can customers spend points from my business anywhere else?
No - The points that you give to your customers are tracked against your business. Since the customers spent the dollars with you to earn the points it is only reasonable that you would redeem them again a reward that you are offering.
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